Have you always wanted to know more about different wines? Do grape names make your head spin and waiter’s questions bring blush to your cheeks?

Take a step towards becoming an amateur sommelier and organize a food and wine pairing party. Food, wine, party – who could resist?

You can start planning by choosing food or wines first. It does not really matter as long as the two go together. Think of different cheeses, heavier meat courses, fat salmon, and chocolate as well as fruity desserts. Ask help for choosing the right wines from your local store.

Research the wines beforehand, so that you have the answers when the questions arise. One option is to print small notes that tell the basics of the wine: what is the grape, where the wine comes from, is the wine sweet or dry, what other aromas can be sensed, what it should be paired with and so on.

Introduce each wine before bringing out a new course. Let people plenty of time to discuss about their findings and opinions, mingle and enjoy. It’s a party, after all. And do not forget to offer water. It helps to keep heads clear and taste buds clean.

If you want to take wine and food pairing party closer to wine tasting, here are couple of things you should focus on.

  • First, appearance. What are the color and the shade of the wine? White, red, rose? Dark, light, bubbly?
  • Second, aroma in the glass and in the mouth. How does the wine smell like? What aromas can be smelled and later tasted? Focus on different aromas before, during and after drinking.

Whether your party focuses on wine tasting or food pairing, we have the perfect wine tasting plate for you. Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a wine glass holder in a way that leaves one hand free to make notes, pour more wine, eat or whatever your can do with a hand (and a mouth).

To give a final touch, decorate the tables by using grapes and cheese boards as centerpieces.

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