Spring and summer are the best seasons for garden parties. Blooming flowers, green grass and floral dresses complement long sunny days that are best enjoyed with a fresh drink in a hand and couple of healthy snacks on a plate.

We love garden parties and are happy to share some of our non-alcoholic drink favorites to the fellow summer adorers. All the following recipes are for six, but even less-experienced bartenders (or mocktail masters) should be able to add or cut the ingredients to achieve the wanted amount.

Mock Mojito / Nojito

  • 3 chopped lime
  • mint
  • 5 tbsp. sugar
  • 0.8 l crushed ice
  • 0.5 l citrus soda

Crush lime, mint, and sugar in a glass. Add ice and soda. Decorate with some fresh mint leaves and enjoy!

Non-alcoholic Grenadine Drink

  • 1.5 tsp vanilla sugar
  • 6 cl grenadine
  • 0.3 l fresh orange juice
  • sparkling mineral water

Mix vanilla sugar and grenadine in a glass. Add orange juice and fill the glass with your favorite sparkling mineral water.

Deep Red Cranberry Mix

  • 0.4 l cranberry juice
  • 0.8 l Schweppes Russchian
  • cranberries

Blend juice and Schweppes in a glass, add cranberries and freshen up with this red drink.

Alcohol-free Fruit Punch

  • passion fruit
  • 0.25 l orange juice
  •  0.25 l peach or mango nectar
  • 0.3 l Schweppes Russchian
  • 0.3 l citrus soda

Cut the passion fruit and scrape the pulp into a bowl. Pour the orange juice and nectar. Add carbonated drinks and ice cubes just before serving. To add a special touch, freeze small pieces of fruit inside the ice cubes.

If this wasn’t enough, you can find more our drink and snack favorites on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/dublatray/.

Okey, now the drinks are set. Next step: enjoying the party.

Dubla Trays are the ideal choice for garden parties where tables and chairs are often sparse. Choosing plates with glass holders makes it easier for everybody to have great and care-free time. Just reserve couple of tables for food and drink stations and maybe some chairs for elderly. Plates with wine glass or tumbler holders give your guest the freedom to socialize and really enjoy themselves while refreshing with delicious food and drinks. That’s what garden parties are about, right?

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