Dubla Tray is an Italian product. There’s no doubt about it. Just think of aperitivo, wine, delicious finger food – I’m sure anyone can see it. But that’s not the whole story. Dubla wouldn’t be as it is without the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong.

The story begins in Italy, though.

“The first time I sketched the plate was summer 2003. I was younger and spent my free time partying with my friends. It was always messy to enjoy food and drinks and at the same time to shake hands, hug friends and answer the phone. And at that time selfie didn’t even exist!”, Carola Pasquino, the designer of the Dubla Tray, thinks back to the time when she first got the idea.

Then something (work, life – the normal stuff) happened and the sketch didn’t lead to anything tangible.

Not until Carola arrived in Hong Kong in 2014.

“When I arrived in Hong Kong I found people who love to stay with friends, share amusing moments and enjoy aperitivo time.”

The idea started to grow again. The final push was the vibrant business community that Hong Kong is famous for.

“I met people who often have business meetings, coffee breaks and lunches in a hurry. I also encountered myriad of bars and restaurants where my plate would have a chance of success. Hong Kong is known as a food paradise, you know.”

In Hong Kong the Dubla Tray then took the shape of a true product. (The product that, by the way, is now available through our freshly opened e-shop. For the moment the shop is open only for Hong Kong customers.)

To get inspired and influenced by this amazing city know as Hong Kong, Carola picked her top 3 things to do in Hong Kong.

  1. Walk around the many small streets and alleys of this city to find something different: a graffiti, a temple or a new café. If you’re lucky you might end up in an independent boutique with full of unique clothes, accessories and goods you’re ready to spend your dollars on.
  2. Take the historical Star Ferry to cross the harbor with style.
  3. Lose yourself in the crowds of wet markets.

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