In November an Italian restaurant group DiVino, based in Hong Kong, introduced their new delicious Italian truffle menu by hosting a stylish party for special guests at one of their four restaurants, DiVino Patio. Imagine fresh pasta, Italian wines, creative dishes – and Dubla trays.

“I introduced our products to Michele Senigaglia, the Corporate Chef and Founder of DiVino Droup, and he was excited about it”, tells Carola Pasquino, the designer behind Dubla.

In order to create a stylish and classy setting, something that DiVino is famous for, Michele trusted Carola to design and produce a set of unique buffet trays that repeat company’s colours and logo. The result was a set of white Dubla trays with a splash of maroon next to DiVino’s logo. Wine import partner, Montrose, is also visible.

Once produced, DiVino can now use their special buffet trays in any of DiVino’s four restaurants in Hong Kong, Spasso, DiVino, DiVino Patio or Carpaccio, or when organising events at other premises.

For instance, at the beginning of this year DiVino organised a press event to introduce some new wine choices to media, and the trays were in use again.

Why DiVino decided to invest in customised Dubla trays?

“Michele is Italian and he knew the potential of using this kind of product not only because it is very handy but also because it helps restaurants to avoid food waste”, Carola tells.

Food waste is a typical downside of buffet style events, and that is something that DiVino as a conscious company wants to avoid.

Dubla Party Trays are designed to be used from the beginning of the event until the end. First of all, no more abandoned half-full/half-empty plates and unfinished portions. Secondly, when a wine glass or a tumbler is easily attached to the plate, people don’t lose their drinks either.

By using Dubla trays, DiVino group is able to create a stylish and ethical events where people can enjoy delicious food while mingling, taking pictures and simply having good time.

If you or your company are interested in creating your own set of Dubla trays, do not hesitate to contact Carola. We are happy to tell more about the customising options.

Pictures: Divino Group

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