Eco-friendly buffet plates have three qualities: they are reusable, recyclable and encourage people to waste less food and drinks. When it comes to Dubla trays: checked, checked (kind of), and checked. The melamine-made buffet plates with glass holders are all that and more.

Reusable buffet plates

Disposable paper plates might be an easy choice – but so is lying on couch at home and not organizing a party in the first place. However, choosing reusable party ware might be better for the public image of your company. If paper plates tell about laziness, reusable and eco-friendly buffet plates reflect responsibility and sustainable values. Who wouldn’t prefer to do business with a responsible company?

The brilliancy of the easy-to-wash and simple-to-stack buffet plates lies in their multipurposeness. Cocktail parties, lunch meetings, weddings, buffet events – what ever is the occasions, Dubla plates with wine glass holders meet the needs.

Besides, even a minor investment in the care of the plates (for hints, check out our FAQ section) pays back with even longer usability.

Recyclable buffet plates

Dubla trays are made of melamine that, in a classification of plastics, is categorized under class 7. It means that melamine cannot be melted for recycling, but instead it is possible to grind down the plastic. The powder can then be used as a filler for other plastics or wood.

Buffet plates that reduce food wastage

European consumers waste about 90 kilos of food every year. That is, per consumer. And this amount only covers the waste that the normal people can directly be blamed upon; at the production and retail stages the wastage is much bigger.

Dubla Party Trays are designed to be used from the beginning of the party until the end. No more abandoned half-full/half-empty paper plates and too ambitious and therefore unfinished portions. Sounds great, right? Well, that’s not all. When a wine glass or a tumbler is easily attached to the plate, people don’t lose their drinks either.

Read more about the food wastage and how to reduce it:

Let the (eco-friendly) party begin.

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