Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a glass holder in a balanced way that leaves one hand free to greet friends, exchange business cards or take unforgettable party pictures. Because partying should be made simple.

This video shows you how the tray works. It’s quite smart.

We made the tray for people with only two hands

We all have been there. In a lively party holding a plate of delicious food with one hand and a refreshing drink on the other. Enter a friend, a potential business contact or a picture-worthy moment – and suddenly two hands aren’t enough. After countless lost forks, forgotten drinks and missed hugs, we decided to do something to solve the problem we have faced so many times. Even growing a third hand would probably have been a fine solution, we decided instead to free one hand for greeting, exchanging business cards, taking calls, snapping epic party selfies, hand gesturing or whatever you can do with one hand. Having a good time has never been this easy.

“Hear no evil, speak no evil – and you’ll never be invited to a party.”

Oscar Wilde

We’re big on functionality here and wanted to make a product that is not only beautiful but also pleasant to use.


The magic lies on the bottom. By resting the tray on your palm, the weight of drink and food is distributed more evenly. That makes balancing simple and guarantees that you can hold your tray longer time. We even gave the prototype for people with different hand sizes to test – everyone said it’s easy to hold and balance.


Dubla Party Trays are made from safe and strong plastic, melamine, which allows the tray to be light and robust at the same time. The product is easy to clean and safe to wash in dishwasher. Inspired by painters’ work, each tray has a splash of color in one of the following shades: black, grey, brown, green, blue, or pink. Dubla Party Trays are designed in Italy and made in Thailand. One tray weights 317 grams (11 oz). It is 20.3 cm (8”) long, 24 cm (9.4”) wide, and 4 cm (1.5”) high.


Besides that it’s safe to enjoy food from the bowl part of the tray itself, it also fits the most typical bowls. That’s useful if you prefer to use your own set or move from the main course to the dessert without worrying of blended flavors. Dubla Party Tray can be used with wine glasses as well as tumblers or plastic cups. The smaller hole is designed for napkins and cutlery, but you can use it for something else too, for instance to hold a nice note.

This is Carola Pasquino, designer and creator of the Dubla Party Tray.

She is – no surprise – from Italy, country whose people love good food, tasty drinks and lively conversations. Born in Northern Italy as daughter of dressmaker, Carola has always been surrounded by beauty and functional design. After studying architecture and industrial design, she’s been working as a landscape architect, interior and graphic designer, visual merchandiser, fashion designer, and design consultant. Currently Carola lives in Hong Kong where she loves to enjoy culture and discover hidden places with her camera and sketchbook.

We have answers

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Where the Dubla Party Trays are made in?

The trays are made in Thailand by a well-known and established plastic manufacturer. It’s important for us that the manufacturer is reliable and trustworthy, because we want our products to be top quality.

Is melamine really safe for food?

The melamine we use is proved to be food-safe, and all kind of foods from cold snacks to warm meals can be safely served from the tray. In other words, as long as you don’t heat up the product in microwave or oven, it’s perfectly safe.

Can I wash Dubla Party Tray in the dishwasher?

Yes, preferably on the top rack and in 60 degrees.

How could I ensure that the tray lasts long and stays clean?
  • Avoid scratching the surface with sharp knives or other utensils.
  • After eating staining food, e.g. tomato sauce or balsamic vinegar, rinse off the stains as soon as possible.
  • Do not put the tray in microwave or oven.
  • Wash by hand or on the top rack of the dishwasher.
Is it possible to order customized trays?

If the order is big enough, then absolutely yes. We can print your company’s colour or even the logo on the tray. Just contact us, and we can design it together.

Are you going to launch other products in the future?

Our next plan is to add some accessories to the party set. That’s why the tray has a peculiar shape – all the accessories will fit perfectly our tray!

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Designed in Italy, made for you. Now exclusive to Hong Kong. For another country, please contact us. Price in US$.


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